Welcome to the Schnabel Lab at NCSU. We are pioneering advances in equine health.

It’s two-way learning. We use modern medicine to help horses. However, our findings directly translate to human musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, which can greatly benefit human health.

Our focus is on improving the health and longevity of horses, from ‘weekend warriors’ to elite athletes competing at the Olympic level. We do this by developing novel treatments and rehabilitation protocols to treat¬†musculoskeletal injuries and diseases.

With funding from the NIH and other generous sponsors, we have built capacity in immunological and microbiological experimentation workflows, from assay development to in vivo studies. We have a unique combination of expertise, with strengths in immunology, stem cell biology, pathogenesis of osteoarthritis including infectious arthritis, and development of novel therapeutics.

We are fortunate to have a vibrant young team, wonderful support from a variety of sources and productive partnerships.

We hope you enjoy reading about our work and please feel free to get in touch. Thanks for visiting our site,